Computer Maintenance Service in Ha Noi
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Computer Maintenance Service in Ha Noi

Nowadays the development of society means that every human need is increasing. Therefore, the intensity of work are also increasing more than ever.

Especially in the technonology times like today, every office, every company can not work efficiently without the help of the computers and computer maintenance teams.

Using computer maintenance services will help businesses solve problems related to information technology systems, IT systems, help customers focus on their production and business. , improve corporate financial efficiency.

Computer Maintenance Service in Ha Noi – THTech is considered to be the leading group in repairing, maintaining computers in every area of Ha Noi. Going with the experienced technical staffs and persistent working capacity, Computer Maintenance Service in Ha Noi THTech commits to be your friendly expert with every computer system, every server, every network system in every office, every company in Ha Noi.

Contact us immediately by hotline: 0941.118.559 – 024.66847.747 Computer Maintenance Service in Ha Noi THTech, customers will receive professional advice, informative support and price information sufficiently and particularly.

the best company in computer maintenance service in ha noi
The best computer maintenance service – THTech Company

Why we should maintain our computer systems?

  • First of all, computer maintenance is an effective method to prevent unexpected breakdowns with the office’s computer systems.
  • Computer maintenance is also an measure to treat the computers which usually run slowly, hardly or infect with virus,…in every server or personal computer.
  • Computer maintenance also help customers’ computer systems being cleaned regularly: tidy up all the unnecessary files, unnecessary application softwares.
  • Every computer will be set up anti virus softwares, will be helped to prevent information leakage or data loss.
  • Every applications and datas will be rearranged in a sciencific way to create the most comfortable conditions to work for customers.
  • The computer maintenance teams always be ready to perform your requirements such as updating, deleting applications, websites,…
  • Customers absolutely do not need to worry about computer problems, information technology in your office, so you can be completely assured to work, be creative and increase productivity and business performance.
computer maintenance service company in ha noi thtech
Ha Noi Computer Maintenance Company THTech – the best choice for you

Why you should choose Computer Maintenance Services – THTech Company?

  • We are a group with nearly 10 years of experience in providing computer maintenance services in all areas of Hanoi.
  • Technical staff and technology engineers of our company are well-trained, have long-term experiences in the profession and have a committed attitude of work with high job responsibility.
  • The process of implementing the service ensures science, fast and quality.
  • The total number of employees is more than 50, ensuring a timely supply network throughout Hanoi and ensuring work progress.
  • The equipments used in the process of performing the the service are genuine, have long-term warranty.
  • The price of the service is absolutely reasonable, highly competitive with businesses working in the same industry and suitable for all customers.

The Computer Maintenance Services THTech Company is a versatile group. We not only operate in computer maintenance but also provide other related services such as constructing office network, constructing specialized wifi, installing camera systems,..

If customers have demands in using our services – computer maintenance services and others, please contact us: 0941.118.559 – 024.66847.747 to receive professional advice, informative support and price information sufficiently and particularly.

the best computer maintenance service in ha noi
The best service in maintaining computer – THTech Company

Computer maintenance service work content

  1. Checking information technology system on a monthly basis, ensuring information and technology security for office computer systems.
  2. Early warning of incident risks, helping customers to be prepared in time for possible risks.
  3. Performing maintenance of hardware and software, maintenance of server.
  4. Supporting customers in installing, updating necessary software systems and website.
  5. Conducting removing, deleting unnecessary datas, softwares, freeing up data resources for computers.
  6. Lending equivalent equipments for replacing the broken ones so that customers can continue working without any disruptions while they are waiting for repairing or replacing broken equipments.
  7. Cleaning the inside and outside areas of computer and other system integration peripherals.
  8. Conducting the LAN systems maintenance, ensure the stability of the network line, network speed, troubleshoot problems related to the network connection.
  9. Carrying out server system maintenance, user authorization, installing anti-virus softwares for workstation system and personal computer systems, PC, ..
  10. Performing periodic data backup, mail systems backup.

The Computer Maintenance Service’s commitment

  1. Committing the quality in working efficiently: The staff teams are committed to work hard, responsible for the job highly, ensuring the effective performance of the work that the customer requires with a scientific, quick workflow. .
  2. Committing to get the jobs done quickly: Technical staffs ensure to be present in the area where the customers are having troubles in the fastest time as long as possible. (For the inner city areas of Ha Noi, we will be in there in 20-30 minutes).
  3. Performing the work on time: The staff team ensures to carry out the work on a regular basis, time commitment which were dealt with customers.
  4. Committing a dedicated working attitude and high job responsibilities. The company’s employees are always ready to listen to customer feedback to improve the service better and better, bring the best quality of service to customers.

Contact The Computer Maintenance Company THTech by hotline: 0941.118.559 – 024.66847.747 to receive professional advice, informative support and price information sufficiently and particularly.

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Sincerely thank you for always trusting and supporting Hanoi computer maintenance company THTech!

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